Starting my Final Year Project

I had to make a post on my blog, which is pretty bad news.┬áNobody reads these so it seems like a bit of a time waste. Basically I have to write a blog about my Final Year Project while I’m doing it. So here it is.
My Final Year Project in Computer Applications is going to be a Harry Potter Wizard Simulator.

Basically, it will be a game developed in the Unity engine, at least that’s the engine I’m contemplating on using right now, however it could change. The game is being built with the Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra. This will allow a unique experience that most people will have never felt before. The Rift will be used to view the game world and turn around etc, and one of the Hydra devices will be used to attach onto your body to allow full positional tracking, which will allow you to crouch behind walls and possibly jump too. The other Hydra will be used as a magic wand, which will have 4-5 spells.

Features I would like to include would be things such as:

  • Allowing the user to perform different spells by holding a button down on the Hydra and performing a pre-defined motion
  • Forcing the user to say the name of the spell before he releases the button to cast it. This feature is unlikely as it could be very difficult to implement

So yeah, I’ll be updating this blog every so often when I have new stuff to share, including test footage and pictures perhaps.