Functional Spec Review

I received the reviewed version of my functional specification from my supervisor, with quite a few things that required fixing.

Some of the things he mentioned were:

  • Stop making excuses for things I may or may not be able to do
  • Proofread most of it, some things I said were phrased very informally and had to be fixed.
  • Was told to remove some things that he felt I shouldn’t promise to include in the project, such as an AI combatant. It would be better to just have these things if I can, but to focus on the actual spell side of the project.

After making these changes, I definitely feel like my functional spec is more readable and professional. I’m glad I removed features, as I was nervous I couldn’t implement some of them.

Hopefully the new functional spec will be okay to submit.


Finished the Functional Spec

So it took a bit longer than expected, but I finally finished up my functional spec. I lost some work on it as it wasn’t saved and I turned off my laptop, but it didn’t take me too much longer to fix. I decided to do a context diagram and a DFD for the High Level Design. I’m pretty happy with the document itself as it is quite in-depth. Right now it has been sent to the project supervisor for a quick revision. Hopefully he will let me know soon enough what needs changing, if anything.

I got the functional spec out of the way as it was the easier assignment out of all the assignments we have right now, so I will be fairly stressed for the next 2 weeks because I have to crack on with another group of assignments

Writing the Functional Spec

So I started the functional specification for my assignment the other night. I’m making pretty good progress with it. I’m up to nearly 4000 words and I think I have covered quite a bit of what I want to talk about in it. I’m currently in the middle of creating my Context Diagram for it, which is one of the last parts. It’s a bit more tricky than I thought.

Since I still don’t know entirely what will be included in my game, the functional spec doesn’t divulge too much information. I won’t really know what is going to be in the game until I really start working on it properly and seeing how capable I am at coding it. Right now I think I could do okay but there are some things that I am a bit skeptical on, such as being able to change spells by following an on screen pattern. This is mainly due to me not having created a game before, even with the help of an engine.

I plan to have the first draft of the functional spec done tomorrow evening, so I will have to send that off to my lecturer for approval, and I’m sure there will be some things that he recommends me changing before I finally submit.