Hydra Progress & Supervisor Meeting

So with receiving the Hydras the day before Christmas and having exams, I have only recently started to progress on the project.
I have looked more into the Razer Hydras and how they work in Unity.
I managed to get the Hydras working for a cube which was representing my hand. It moved and turned in the 3D space as I expected.

Next I will be working on the positional tracking. Thinking about it, it sounds like a difficult task, as I have to move the camera depending on the position of the Hydra. However from reading articles online and reviewing how others do it, the tracking does not seem as difficult as I once thought.

If you attach the Hydra script to the camera in Unity it should essentially act as a positional tracker right off the bad to some form. However it will be handling the direction the Hydra is positioned on the body and the calibration that will be the hard part. This is what I will be working on for the next few days.

Finally, I had a meeting with my supervisor. We had not met until just before Christmas so we thought it would be good to get in touch. We ran over what I should focus on, which we decided was the Hydra implementation. He gave me some general advice as to how approach it, mentioned possibly emailing some of the lecturers who do computer graphics as they might know a nice approach to doing it. We are going to be meeting every Tuesday to catchup on my progress, this will push me to have something new every week.


Post Exam Update

So I haven’t worked much on the project.

The last bit of college in semester 1 was filled with assignments. I had assignments due up until just before our exams began. So once the assignments were done I had to study for exams so I haven’t had too much time for the project. I plan on starting work on it this week properly. I will begin implementing the Razer Hydras and positional tracking, and try get a basic test level up and running.

Once the hydra is working I will begin working on spells. This will most likely be the bulk of the project.  I am quite nervous about finishing on time as there is a lot to be done for this project, and I am running out of time quite fast.