Making a level

I have been working on the main “Demo” level which will be playable for the presentation and hopefully the project expo.

Right now I have been using various assets for Unity to create the level, as I don’t have time to create every individual model. If I have time I will try create a few models.

In the level you start off outside, and you can see a large castle in the distance. A cave is ahead of you, so you decide to venture inside.

This will eventually lead into the lower levels of the castle where there will be traps and some spooky stuff, hopefully a very basic enemy if I can get it working in time. I basically want the player to enter the cave one side and come out another end which will be the end of the level.

Right now I am making good progress and have a cave, I’m just working on populating the cave with things to make it more interesting, and possible adding in a few puzzles. Next update to the blog I will try add in some pictures.


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