Good feedback

So yesterday was the Final Year Project Expo where I showed off my game.

It got quite a lot of interest from employers and students. Unfortunately, most companies there were business oriented companies that have no use for virtual reality, but they still thought the project was very good. I heard people talking about it in different rooms around the building, and many students were quite jealous with the attention it was getting as it was detracting from their own projects.

Having people play the game and seeing them make use of the spells in the world was great, and further motivated me to develop the game more. I got some good feedback on the project from this also. It seemed a lot of people had trouble figuring out which button was which on the controller. From this I think I will implement a training level that makes sure the player understands what buttons to press.


Making a level

I have been working on the main “Demo” level which will be playable for the presentation and hopefully the project expo.

Right now I have been using various assets for Unity to create the level, as I don’t have time to create every individual model. If I have time I will try create a few models.

In the level you start off outside, and you can see a large castle in the distance. A cave is ahead of you, so you decide to venture inside.

This will eventually lead into the lower levels of the castle where there will be traps and some spooky stuff, hopefully a very basic enemy if I can get it working in time. I basically want the player to enter the cave one side and come out another end which will be the end of the level.

Right now I am making good progress and have a cave, I’m just working on populating the cave with things to make it more interesting, and possible adding in a few puzzles. Next update to the blog I will try add in some pictures.

Bugs n’ Stuff

So I finally showed my game off to some friends. They seemed to really enjoy it and had a lot of fun, and it was great to see somebody else play it. One of my friends took a real QA tester approach to it. He tried to break the game as hard as he could, and he succeeded quite a bit. Ended up with quite a few bugs that will need to be fixed.

  • Shooting an object with Physics spell and re catching it, then releasing it, causes the object to drop super fast, likely caused by object having same acceleration value as when it was originally falling.
  • Sometimes catching an object with the physics spell causes it to not release, although the release sound plays. Could be to do rotation of the object when caught
  • When FireballDestroy is instantiated, sometimes multiple objects will be created
  • Flame-thrower follows wand 1:1, needs to trail
  • When you have died, you can exit the death screen by entering slow motion
  • Positional tracking is not fully 1:1, needs to be adjusted
  • Ability to get outside of the map by walking up slopes
  • Walking up a ramp/mountain that is steep and turning causes you to fly miles away
  • Light power up has no sound
  • Hand clipping into users face, needs to have position adjusted

Will be working on these over the week

Oculus And Positional Tracking

I got this working only yesterday. There is still a lot of changes to be made to it but right now it is fully functional. I read quite a bit about other implementations of positional tracking for Oculus games, and it seems it is as simple as attached the Sixense prefab to the camera in game. However some changes had to be made to how the game calculates the height between the floor and the base station so that the player can crouch effectively. Just attaching the prefab led to the player being able to crouch under the game world and go through walls, so by making some changes, this is far less likely to happen.

I want to make some more changes so it is easier to crouch lower and also have the hand and wand start a bit further from the player, as I think it clips into the players collision box a bit too easy with how close it is now. Here is a GIF of me peaking around a tree:


Tree Peak

And finally a GIF of me crouching and looking into a well.


So now that this is working, along with all of the spells, I have pretty much a complete working project. All that is left to do is to make some tutorial levels and then one larger main level which takes advantage of the spells you have. I have a few ideas of cool ways to incorporate the spells in game and can’t wait to start designing the levels.


Push Spell

A bit late on this update. Better late than never I guess.

The physics spell has been finished 100% now. The push spell does what it says, pushes objects that have rigidbodies attached to them.
Here is a GIF of it in action:


Push Spell

Going to be updating the blog a bit today with the different things I have been working on, including the health system and Oculus support. The slow motion spell is also very cool.

Particles and fireballs

Working on making the game look a bit better this week. So far I added in a particle system to go with the different colours of each spell. I hope to try add in a different particle system for each spell, but this is fine for now, quick gif of it:


Change Spell Updated

Other than that, I got the fireball spell working with a decent looking fireball and all. It sort of curves when you shoot it, which I think actually helps you place shots nicely. Here it is:


Fireball Shooting

The only other real thing I did was add in sound effects for some more spells and also for changing spells. Once I have the rest of the sounds, particle systems and spells implemented, I will start making a level which requires you to use all of the spells to finish it, I’m quite looking forward to that actually.

I ran into some trouble with my Hydras unfortunatly. I am quite worried it will have an affect on my presentation and overall grade. Basically the range of the Hydras has been severly limited for some reason. I can’t take more than a step back from the base station without getting unreal amounts of jitter. Since there will be positional tracking, this will be a huge problem, as you need to take at least a step back from the base station for room. Hopefully I can fix it, as it did work around Christmas time, it just seems that since I have reformatted my laptop it has happened.

Sounds, Fire and positional tracking

So this week I have been working on a couple of things.

Firstly, I went about getting some sounds for the game. I have some of the sounds for the light spell implemented, but I just need to edit the sound so it matches the spell a bit more.

The main thing I worked on however was the fire spell. It was quite straight forward to create. It works very similar to the light shoot spell, except instead of it being a light it is a fireball prefab. It also gets destroyed upon coliding with an object, unlike the light spell. Once I had this, I started thinking up some good uses for the fireball spell.

One of the things I thought would be really cool would be to add in a way to light up torches to illuminate the darkness. I decided to do this because using the lightspell might not be sufficient to get through the entire world, especially when you might have to solve a puzzle using another spell, which will plunge you into darkness. So now the light spell will be mainly used for getting around and finding torches that you can light up, and also navigating areas where there are no torches.

Here is a gif to demonstrate:


Lighting a torch with Fire Spell

The particle system you see for the fireball is only a place holder and I plan on making it more fireball like. I will be continiously tweaking the fire spell until it feels right, as it is now, it is a bit too hard to make contact with the torches, mainly due to the particle effect not representing the fireballs direction well enough.

I also got the integration for the Hydra and Oculus working together. It is a bit glitchy at the moment but I will be working on it for the next while. The main issue is the Razer Hydra. I think it needs to be held in a certain way for positional tracking to work correctly. I will probably have to purchase a fanny pack and make some adjustments to it and use that to hold the hydra around the player.

Other things I will be working on this week will be;

  • Adding in more sounds
  • Adding lerp to the Levitation spell, this will stop the object from just popping to the end of the wand and instead transition to the player
  • Finding the best area for the Razer Hydra for optimal positional tracking
  • Adding in a force push to the physics spell